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Our Approach

This Is Your Journey

Regardless of where you’re headed, wouldn’t it be nice to have a few guideposts along the way to let you know you’re on the right path? In financial planning, just like traveling anywhere in the world, there are many different ways to arrive at your destination. That is why we believe it is critical to listen to your story, gaining a better understanding of your dreams and concerns. We will show you some of the choices you have ahead of you and the possible outcomes connected with those choices. The future is yours, and we can provide you with the insight and tools to get you there.

The financial planning and investment industries have a vocabulary of their own. At Christopher Street Financial, we focus on making the concepts and terminology accessible to you. We welcome your questions and strive to make sure we understand your financial picture to provide answers that fit your needs.

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We Take a Holistic Approach Combining
Financial Planning & Investment Management

Holistic Financial Planning

One of the first questions most of our clients ask is, “do I have enough?” Regardless of whether the focus is retirement, paying for education, a new home, leaving a legacy, or all the above, we need to understand what “enough” means to you.  

We believe holistic financial planning is the most effective way to answer these questions. The concept is simple, but the application can be quite complex. As a Christopher Street Financial client, you will receive an in-depth analysis of your financial information to see how all the pieces come together to build a picture of your current situation and future options. These pieces may include social security, pensions, investment accounts, retirement savings, and life or long-term care insurance. By weaving these pieces together using sophisticated software and decades of experience, we can start to test your questions about “enough” and demonstrate the ramifications of different choices. 

You help define the outcome, we show you what choices ahead.

Investment Management

The Christopher Street Financial team offers a broad range of financial products and services. Through our business partners and affiliations, we can offer quality solutions to meet your financial needs. We use the financial plan we have created together to build a portfolio that is based on your personal journey and attitude towards risk. 

Studies have confirmed our belief that the overwhelming determinant of success in an investment strategy is not based on which specific stocks or funds are selected, but how the assets are divided among asset classes (e.g., cash, bonds, foreign stocks, etc.). The Christopher Street Financial team seeks to deliver consistent long-term performance through scientifically constructed asset allocation portfolios. We also offer specially designed portfolios for those interested in ESG Investing. 

After our advisors analyze a client’s circumstances, they develop a proposal for the allocation to specific asset categories. We then select individual investment managers who have demonstrated a consistent ability to outperform their peers using mutual funds, ETFs, or institutional money managers. 

Given the Scope of Our Work, We May Explore:

LGBTQ+ Planning

Planning for LGBTQ+ or unmarried partners in a potentially hostile environment.

Retirement & Income Sources

Including salaries, pensions, and Social Security.

Estate Planning

Ensuring your loved ones are protected when you die.

Education Planning

For your children and grandchildren.

Charitable Giving Strategies

During your life or after you are gone.

Long-Term Care Planning

To protect your family and ensure you receive the care you need.

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